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Frequently Asked Questions


What is InFounders?

We’re a social organization that operates mastermind groups.

Our groups are run by members following InFounders’ mastermind model and with the full support of our organization.

The goal of our masterminds is to provide founders with peer-to-peer support and guidance instructions to improve their rate of success.

What happens in a typical mastermind meeting?

Mastermind sessions happen once a month and last 3 to 4 hours.

Meetings have a structure provided by InFounders. They typically include:

Round table
Gives each person the opportunity to speak.

Hot seat
Deep-dive into one founder’s business and have the group provide support.

Help from fellow members on maintaining productivity and adhering to deadlines.

Think of mastermind sessions as work sessions where founders have temporary cofounders to help them with anything they need. The true value of an InFounders meeting comes from the joint effort and involvement that we put in our collective businesses.

How much does it cost?

For businesses that make up to $5k in monthly revenue and have less than 2 employees, our masterminds are $1,500 for twelve months.

For businesses that make more than $5k in monthly revenue or have more than two employees, we have a list of prices available upon request.

The two first mastermind sessions are held with an InFounders facilitator. During these initial meetings, the group gets led by its facilitator and strengthens its understanding of how InFounders’ masterminds work.

After the first two meetings, a new mastermind moderator starts facilitating the sessions. This new mastermind moderator is a member of the group, stepping up to take on this role. He is supported by a Quality Officer, another fellow group member, who ensures that our meetings maintain our high standard of quality.

Who should join?

Our groups are reserved for entrepreneurs.
What qualifies you as an entrepreneur is your motivation to be actively working on a project.
We also want you to have generated at least some revenue to have validated your business idea.

We focus on entrepreneurs that are building or have built a service and product to sell; we do not accept franchisees, direct sales, or network marketers.


All following stages qualify to be part of our masterminds:

Early stage (prepping launch, launching, first clients)

Intermediate stage (first employees, ramping up clients)

Advanced stage (full staff, continuous growth, expansion)

Masterminds work best when founders are matched with others that are at similar business stages.
Our Application Form helps us evaluate if you are a fit for our current groups and helps us match new members together.


Candidates also need to:

Fully commit for 12 months
In-person monthly meetings (3 to 4 hr/month) + weekly accountability calls (1hr/week) are mandatory.
We expect you to be present for each one of these meetings and calls.

Be aligned with our values
Respect, care, privacy, support, and positivity are crucial to make our masterminds run smoothly.

Be open to discussing your business and receiving constructive feedback from others
One of the ways in which we help each other is by sharing ideas and giving feedback. If you are not opened to others bringing new perspectives to your business, our masterminds will not be a good fit for you.

Champion your peers
Masterminds are about mutual help and empowerment. As much as it is normal to expect support from your group, your members also expect to receive the maximum amount of support for you. We pick members that have a love for sharing and a strong desire to help one another.

As our masterminds revolve around teamwork and collaboration, we rarely accept companies with special interests or beliefs as it can create division within groups. 

Is it safe to share details about my business and ideas?

Glad you asked. Respect and confidentiality are highly important for any mastermind.
Each member who joins signs a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

How long does the mastermind last?

Our membership is for twelve-month periods at a time.

However, most members stay with their masterminds for years.
The more you get to know the members of your group, the deeper the level of connection with fellow members and the better you’re able to support one another.

How are you different from other mastermind groups?

Most masterminds we’ve seen tend to be two things: exclusive and expensive.
At InFounders, we don’t believe that who you know or how much money you have should decide whether or not you can join.

We want to bring the benefits of masterminds to the masses.

To do this, we’ve built an organization that can help founders easily build and join mastermind groups.


More specifically, the role of InFounders is to:

• Provide instructions for starting and organizing mastermind groups

• Provide instructions and structure on how to run meetings effectively

• Provide a guide to help early-stage entrepreneurs achieve milestones

• Provide a structure for accountability

• Help connect founders seeking to join a mastermind with existing groups

• Create a community of like-minded founders

More questions?

Curious about starting your own mastermind group? Want to volunteer? Have more questions?

Drop us a line and we’ll be glad to help!